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WEB THE HOST allows you to a whopping 99.99% of server up time all the times. In other words virtually no customer/visitor will come visiting to your website and leave because of speed or downtime.

Secured Web Hosting

Web Hosting is being provided by the company that is secure; a2hosting, which means that the company itself doesn’t acquire the username and password you use to log into your cPanel but you create your own.

Powerful Control Panel

Updated and reliable hosting Cpanel CMS, you know that cPanel is the platform which allows you to add data and have access to root files / images, all files that is being used by your website.

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Secure & Reliable Web Hosting in Pakistan

Secure and proficient website hosting is easy with Web Hosting Pakistan. Well, hosting is all about the data storage. Indeed this remarkable hosting is the source of technological services to view your page or website on the internet. Servers are individual computers that store or host your website or your web page. So, be calm with operational efficiency even in your downtime.

Reliable Web Hosting

Today multiple companies provide website hosting services at different levels. Sorry to say, but hosting services are costly, and not everybody can afford it. Just because of hosting provider’s high rates, many customers feel untrustworthy to form their website. Here we offer 99.99% uptime of server. Instead of sticking to only big places we work around all areas of Pakistan. Plus point is we are offering reasonable and affordable best quality Website Hosting. Everybody can avail our services as we have exciting and purchasable packages. As compared to other companies, we provide the best services in lower rates. Of course, it is a good factor for clients and our company as well. Hosting is the critical aspect of assisting your website all over the world. Hosting has basic features to cover; Elements of a Hosting Plan. Besides, well-balanced web-hosting plan has features as:

Disk Space

The entire hosting accounts present a definite amount of disk space that you can use to store up your web files. For the variety of tasks you may acquire the area for your web files, emails, databases, etc.? By breaking down your usage, you can have a better estimate about how much space you should go.

Email Accounts

Email accounts are a general feature of hosting, in particular, if you are hosting a domain. Mainly email accounts have three types: POP3, forwarding, and aliases.

i)      POP3 accounts are like conventional inboxes. Therefore you get sufficient space on the server to store your emails, and you can use an email series to download your mail at the same time — usually, every login and password combination associated with one account.

ii)      Forwarding mail accounts are functional if you are making use of the service of a different company to strain your emails for you. Rather than storing your emails on your mail server, emails can redirect to a new email address.

iii)      Aliases accounts are comparable to forwarding mail accounts. Some hosts agree with you for setting up a catch-all alias, which is frequently used to assemble emails sent to the addresses not familiar with your mail server.

FTP Access

Later than you have formed your web pages on your computer, you may have to reassign all those files to your web server. The data then transferred to the server by using the FTP. In simple words, the FTP enables you to upload data from your local computer to your web server. HTML files use for building your website so that you can transfer the files to the server via FTP.

Word Press Support

Word Press is a tool used for creating an online website. It is considered a great blogging and website content management system. Word Press is a highly convenient tool for managing and building a site. PHP version 7 or higher, MySQL version 5.6 or greater is simple requirements for hosting a Word Press website.

Hosting Type

It includes shared hosting, free hosting, and VPS Web Hosting.


Sub-Domains are those that can connect with your official domain.


All the data stored for your website in Databases. Our company offers reliable and secure Web Hosting in Pakistan for every newbie as well as professionals in this field. We provide the best services for all who want to dig more into their business. Well, our company is offering new plans to facilitate and manage things according to your desire. As we are providing a VPS Server hosting on demand of clients who want to control, cooperate business. With the best experience and high quality of speed as well as security, we offer the best deals. Several trained and experts we have to assist you in arranging the sake of seeing your site Niche.

Best Hosting Services

There are many types of Hosting services in Pakistan which are used all over the world. Some of our best hosting services are mentioned here:

Before finalizing your website hosting services, you must understand the services that your website needs.

Website Builders

Website builder services furnish the beginners who need to host a site. Usually, it provides an online browser-based interface to build your website.

Shared Hosting

In a shared hosting environment, different website owners shared one server. However, sharing the physical server and the software applications within the server also includes in it. Shared hosting services are inexpensive as the cost to run the server, shared among you and these other owners.

Devoted Hosting

With a dedicated hosting environment, you have the whole web server to yourself. For faster performance, you have all the resources of the server.

Collocated Hosting

You purchase your server housed it. So, whenever you want the Best Web Hosting in a reasonable budget plan, you can contact us on our website. Support you with 24/7 availability. You will get full guidance if you face any issues regarding your field. You can select our plans as well if you want to get any web hosting plan. We will try to give a response to your query as soon as possible.

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