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Become a part of the Web Hosting business

Our re-seller hosting program is entirely free of charge and offers an easy and simple running business model that has confirmed over time. Grow to be a re-seller and you can sell online web services without preparing yourself in advance for them. Our tackle will facilitate you to rapidly initiate your own hosting service without writing a single line of code. The free hosting re-seller program is appropriate for both beginners and experienced re-sellers as well.

You can adjust your retail prices according to your particular market place and your costs preferences. Custom pricing can be set for every product in your re-seller portfolio. With our re-seller hosting program you are completely independent to offer the services according to your desire, while following your own marketing model.

Our free web re-seller program is best for small businesses and persons with limited financial plan, but with strong inspiration to carry out something new and work hard, you can earn without investment some extra money online.

How Re-seller Hosting works?

It is a plain business model. We propose complete solutions to form a re-seller site, where we present Free Hosting, Paid Hosting, VPS Hosting, Domains Names, and SSL Certificates under your brand.

You can manage the prices of entire services and get the difference between the wholesale price and the one you set up. Once you fetch a client, you can obtain profit on each order – upgrade or renewal of the above mentioned services.

We are answerable for the customer concern and client satisfaction from the services offered. Re-sellers’ commissions are paid monthly.

No obligation – full automation

Our Free Re-seller Hosting program is free of all payment responsibility! You are on the re-seller path after carrying out a free signup. Developing a re-seller store takes just a few minutes, see example store.

Full automation is our design! Each purchase that your clients compose on your re-seller site is automatically processed by us on your behalf. Welcome emails which are marked with your brand get sent out to each of your new customers.

Consumer can reach on purchased services over your re-seller site. Support, sales and billing communication is sent to our staff secretly without mention any name.